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Cara Setting CCTV Avtech ke BlackBerry

CCTV > EagleEyes >Software > BlackBerry
Login First & Download EagleEyes for BlackBerry OS4 and OS5 (via Opera Browser recommended)
Click here to set up APN if you failed to see live video.
EagleEyes for BlackBerry® mobile phones allows users to have mobile surveillance and access to AVTECH network devices at anytime, from anywhere once the phones are connect to Internet.
Installing and configuring

EagleEyes Operating Instructions for BlackBerry mobile phones (Take BlackBerry 9000 Bold as an example)

  • Browse to where EagleEyes is installed when the installation is completed, and select to open it.  

  1. Enter EagleEyes Address Book, and select “add” to add new device connection.
  2. Fill in the information needed to access the device you want to add, and return to Address Book.
  3. Select the device you just added with the scroll ball, and click it to log in. The live view will be shown with basic control panel.